Who we are

family-for-ever Incorporated in February 2011, Youth & Family Guidance Center, Inc. (YFGC) is a community based organization for families and individuals who are enduring emotional, financial, basic life skills and social difficulties. Our objective is to guide and counsel all individuals without any prejudice or discrimination of any kind while developing and / or applying awareness programs, capable of avoiding the usage of drugs and alcohol, delinquency, and gang activities.  We aim to provide various professional services, through our support and counseling groups to all. The initiative has a large view on implementing an integrative system able to touch different areas of the community needs with regard to the human services domain.  YFGC approaches are based on different views of human nature to set the boundaries in a triangular relationship between parents, youths and the community.  Therefore, we look in many areas at every level where a behaviors and or a situation could trigger our youth to be a drug addict, a gang activist and juvenile delinquent.  We are one agency for all people.